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I cried during sex before dawn.
With each flick, each lick, I arched into an ocean.
The waves of familiar pleasure crashed over my rigid nipples, my stretching vestibule.
I felt overwhelmed. And pain.
I felt pain.
Numerous emotions raced through me as your soft, brown lips kissed my throbbing
A blanket of these emotions threatened to smother me, like your feather kisses on my
thick inner thighs.
Happiness. Elation. Fear. Familiarity. Gratitude. Pain. Worry. Doubt. Relief. Sadness.
Desire. Love.
Rapid gulps of air, struggling to go along with the moaning. Then suddenly, an ocean
of tears.
Of stop stop.
Of you, rising from your knees, while my sultry juices seep out, tears cascading from my
chubby cheeks…


At first glance, I think that love must hurt, wounds are open soils for growth and Love doesn’t wilt…it grows.

Nothing pleases me like a relatable read, as this took me back to my mental notes about a before life, the present life and an after life.

A good read that highlights the complexity of love, the modern infusions of same sex love and the queerness of sexual competitions between the opposite sex as opposed to same sex.

It also brings to mind the simplicity that is in love; the openess to express, correct and admire in accordance.
I’m particularly impressed with the sexual intensity in this book…the impurity in its openess and intimacy.

Also the shock that comes with healing because deep down, in our moments of pain, to heal is one of the hardest thing to try and believe in.

Lol…I had to laugh hard and blush.

Love of beautiful memories, of heated sensuality, of the simplest things and imperfections that compliment. Partnership. The real balance of love.

It pays details to the levels of intimacy.
And then highlight the abstract of female loneliness…like not entirely concerned about brushing your teeth, not bothering to shave and the heavy feelings of disappointment.

As westernization is acclaimed to fine creativity, the Nigerian in her shines still: For instance, “For heartbreak, drink zobo.”

Amethyst explores turbulent waters on this one as she expresses the sensuality of same sex (lesbians), it threatens to convert a person.

And one major take for me from this book would be, “Honey is not sweeter than a sexually liberated woman”

Amethyst Saw is a creative writer and literary blogger. Her queer erotica, chick lit, and magical stories encourage healthy relationships for women, their sexualities and the world.
On days she’s not resisting her chocolate and ponmo addictions, Amethyst is reading, photography books and nature, talking about literature and life.
You can find her writing at

I’m super thankful to be in the digital era and most importantly, to be able to communicate with like minds.
Thanks for including me on this blog tour Amethyst.

Love and Light!

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