A Ride Through My Thoughts

Source: Psychology Today

Come with me…

Into this sequential waves of thoughts, blind lightnings of worry and the winds of fear.
Blowing in and out… Reflecting in every way possible.

These past few days have been a tough one, almost like me against myself and just longing to find someone, anyone, to be a source of strength.

I have seen my mood move from happy to sad and repeat.
I have found myself questioning my reflection, the nothingness, if I am doing right.
I have counted the years in regrets, pointing now as a result of then.
I have found strength in self-assurance that I am enough. That this is enough.

The only thing I have been afraid to admit is I’m tired.

Tired of the struggle, tired of redirection, finding a direction, companions, friendship and life as a whole.

Tired of imagining that my whole life is just a movie and hoping that this shoot ends and my breakthrough comes when this scene changes.

I am tired, so I write this post as a medium to expel the heat within, the stress inside and whatever darkness may be lurking inside of me.
What is most amusing is how helpless I am in comparison to how unhelpful I have been towards myself.

I am positive about this phase, that it will go and yes… To everyone who has called me to check up on me. Thank you for being in sync. I truly appreciate.

So, tonight, while I drink some yogurt and eat spiked cookies, I write this as reminder to myself, that I will be responsible enough, that the changes will come, and I am doing everything right.

But to you reading,

Love and light

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