Moral Relativism

Hey! So, I stumbled on this theory through a book “The State of Affairs” which basically focuses on rethinking the term “infidelity“. I’m always almost in a ” right timing” sort of bond with books in read, so you can imagine my mental and physical moans of satisfaction while reading this. Generally, the theory of Moral Relativism argues that nobody

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What Happened 10 Years Ago?

Quarantimes! It’s one hour past midnight and I have the word “ululate” in my head. I must blame it on my ex’s poem I read. I’m happy people still genuinely feel love for others. About what happened 10 years from now is on the subject of love. Personally, I’ve been told I love too much. I give too much time.

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Toxic Positivism

I need a break from love, light, and bloom. Tired of faux motivation and inspirational quotes flying around everywhere. In Cardi’s voice, “Corona Virus! Shit is getting real” I can across a post from the Tanglaw Mental Health Agency that expressly stated what toxic positivism is and I state; ” The excessive and ineffective over generalization of a happy and

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Rising Above Rona

I mean…shit! This post has been way overdue. While almost everyone I know is getting pumped up with some energy I really want to find out how where and how they are getting and doing it, I can’t help screaming that I am mentally tired. Physically, I’m on social media all day, on my phone all day playing games or

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