The Voices in your Head

At first, it’s easy to attribute today’s subject matter to a case of mental illness or instability. While that is very valid, it is still far from the truth. The truth is we all have voices in our heads; bad or good.Some people call it “The conscience” and others call it “The good and bad angel.” Now, before going further

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Book Smart vs Street Smart

Truthfully, I had to fight back from writing about “The Myth of Peace” to write about this particular subject matter. Who is a smart person? This is a question that rings continually in my mind. What does it take to be smart? To be fair and before I get into the tea for today, let me start by dropping this

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Digital Learning & Online Schooling/ E-learning

After much deliberation, I decided to write on this topic.Truth is, I have found myself prepping to churn out a perfectly curated list of topics but I found myself spontaneously motivated. Another motivator for this piece is my mother’s perspective towards the subject matter. For better context, I am more or less what you might call a university dropout; in

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