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Still Here

Oh my God! Hiiiii! Did anybody miss me??!! I strongly believe that it would be a great disservice if I don’t start the new year off with the gift that God has blessed me with; WRITING!! If you’re an old reader and you are currently reading this, I’m really thankful for your support through my inconsistent phases of creativity. The

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This Time Called Time

I stressed the “e” out of his name, which in its entirety means love. This was a person I thought I was hopelessly in love with a couple of months. Time reveals. Once upon a time, I felt a heavy burden in my heart, I couldn’t breathe, I felt numb to the point I wanted to just go. Writing this

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This piece is as random as the subject matter suggests. (Well consistency is key! Welcome to another Wednesday!!!!) I originally planned to dish out a bag of words on black psychology but life happened… Life happened that I had a session and got ill before I could voice my delectable poem. Life happened that I’m feeling weak,maybe hungry but just

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